Dynamic Shooting CZ was started by  UK shooters for fellow UK shooters. Our ethos is :

  • To advance our shooting skills,
  • To tune our safety & confidence,
  • Keep practising hand-guns and SA full-bore rifles (Section 5)  beyond what can be done in the UK,
  • Shooting at the most affordable possible cost.

Dynamic Shoot CZ offers the opportunity to learn & train, in full legality, under the guidance of ex-military instructors, “battle proven” firearms safe handling & shooting,  the same way the modern SWAT teams & Military Forces now train.

Having shot & taken classes in many European countries & the US, the Čzech Republic offers excellent value, especially given the high calibre & experience of our instructors.

By shooting with us, not only will you acquire news skills & be much safer but you will ultimately become a better & more confident shooter while having the absolute “shooting time of your life”.