Basic instruction is based on the one provided in the French Armed Forces & the Foreign Legion and taught to various LEA & private contractors around the world. Seasoned civilian shooter, ex-military or a total beginner, everyone starts the same way so we know that you’ve got this system down and everyone is working to the same instructions.

  • Safety, based on Jeff Cooper’s 4 rules is paramount to us & probably the most important aspect.  Advanced shooting can take place in very challenging conditions (CQB, TAI teams etc…). We can not afford less than perfection and constantly go through firearms safety.
  • Safe handling and how to pass a loaded and unloaded weapon between students and instructors. You will be carry loaded guns all day long.
  • Key fundamentals of a good shot, ie: sequence of a successful shoot in 7 steps.
  • Malfunctions resolutions, how to clear a firearm & get ‘back in the fight’ as quickly and reliably as possible.
  • Stages of engagement.
  • Carrying a weapon and different engagement positions.
  • Different firing scenarios, double taps, rapid fire, instinctive fire, close fire and defensive fire.

All this and much more is usually covered during a 2 day course for each firearm type : Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun or a mix.


Once Basic is acquired, students may choose to progress to Advanced Instruction. The scope for advanced instruction is vast and often tailored to the interests of the individual student or a group of advanced students would like to learn.

It can include, but not limited to:

  • Shooting whilst moving, Covering fire manoeuvres. Advanced firing tactics, Transitioning between primary & secondary firearms.
  • Dark/Night Tactics with flash lights.
  • TIA / Techniques Immediate Actions (working & shooting as group)
  • Progressing & Shooting in Built-up areas,
  • Tactical Medic Class,

Etc… etc…