Requirements/General Info


We actively promote & try to share our sport. Therefore, we pride our-self to be as inclusive as possible regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation and colour. We are definitely not interested in your political views.

Of course the fitter you are , the faster you will be but this isn’t a “sine qua non” requirement. Everybody with the right frame of mind can complete our classes. No probs.  We, certainly, are not wanna be SAS, we are civilian sport shooters !


Classes – due to the sensitive nature of the instruction, our classes are restricted to UK FAC holders or UK Shooting Club members. Presentation of current & valid FAC or club membership will be required.

Exceptions can be made.  In which case,  we will insist on an up-to-date criminal report to be supplied by the student.

Static shooting – none what so ever. Under Czech law, anybody can shoot under the supervision of a qualified Czech Instructor.



  •  The Čzech Republic is a EU country . No visa is required.
  • The closest airport is Prague’s unique “Vaclav Havel”.
  • The flight time is 1.5 hour . Most budgets air-lines (Ryanair, EasyJet, Wizz Air, CSA) fly there as well as all the traditional carriers.
  • Different ranges depending on the type of shooting & classes. All are within 45 minutes transfer drive from Prague.
  • We normally stay as close as possible to Prague during Static Shooting Week-ends in order to enable you to explore the city on Saturday night
  • We stay at different hotels/pensions as close as possible to the ranges where we shoot.
  • If you have special diet requirement, please let us know in advance.
  • The weather is continental, meaning cold in winter and hot in summer. We’d recommend you check the forecast and pack suitable clothing, cold & sun protection for a full out-door day.
  • Beer is both excellent &  super cheap 🙂

Any questions, do not hesitate to ask. That’s my job!