The Team

Christian Goblas (Chief Instructor)

Yves and Christian Instructor and Translator

Yves and Christian Instructor and Translator

Christian served all his life in French Elite airborne units gaining valuable operational experience. He was selected to pioneer the new Combat shooting Instruction currently used. Having overseen the basic & specialised training of thousands of servicemen, his teaching experience is truly incomparable. Now, in the active reserves, in addition to acting as an expert to the French Justice system, Christian started NTTC training LEA, military forces and private contractors as well as advising the Security Industry around the world. We are extremely privileged to have him as our chief instructor.

Luboš Kulhavý (Main Instructor)

Luboš Kulhavý Demonstrating

Lubos. Ex-Czech Para, then 10 years in the French Foreign Legion, platoon leader and instructor in Guyanna. Do I need to say more?

Back to his native Czech Republic, Lubos started the FAST/NTBS Shooting School, now passing on his experience to civilian shooters, Czech Police and Contractors. Lubos is the cog wheel of the machine always with amazing patience, kindness & a perpetual smile on his face.

What you learn from Lubos is real stuff. No nonsense!

Yves “Rico” Foucher (Instructor)

Shooting my beloved CSLA VZ.82

Yves, French & UK FAC holder, living in the UK.  Probably like you, I got the shooting bug as a kid. While serving military service in a Para unit, I developed a special fondness for Warsaw Pact weapons. Those were not designed to be cotton woolled & I quickly got bored with the type of shooting available in the UK or France.  I needed to move, shoot faster and basically get excited & have loadsa fun. After shooting all over Europe I discovered what a shooting paradise the Czech Republic truly is and fell under the spell. Dynamic Shooting CZ was born.